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Combines: Alex 755nm &
Nd: Yag 1064nm
simultaneously and/or
sequentially pulse by pulse,

-Hair Reduction Removal
-Vascular Treatments
-Inflammatory Acne
-Dermatological foot conditions (skin and nail) treatment

Beauty Stone Laser Clinic

Who Is a Good Candidate For Laser Resurfacing?
If you have fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes or mouth or on your forehead, shallow scars from acne, or non-responsive skin after a facelift, then you may be a good candidate for laser skin resurfacing.
What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation are spots that have usually occurred on the most exposed areas of the body such as the hands, face, shoulders and neck. It is a skin discolouration that usually appears as blotchy brown or pinkish mark and is often caused by either aging, years of damage in the sun, hormonal changes (such as pregnancy) or reactions to cosmetics. The darkening is caused by cells called Melanocytes producing an excess of Melanin to a specific area.
What is Pigmentation Removal?
A MEDICAL GRADE laser is used to provide an intense burst of light to target the pigmented lesions, causing the selective healing of the upper dermis. The benefit of using a MEDICAL GRADE laser is that the pigment can be precisely targeted without causing any damage to surrounding tissue or overlying dermis.
After each laser treatment, a gentle wound healing response leads to new Collagen formation and a clinical improvement to the treated area over time. In most cases, the pigmentation/sun spots will gradually lighten, fade and slowly disappear. Initially the treated area may seem darker and flaking is common.
Does it hurt?
The heat from the laser is concentrated at a superficial level so it is likely that you will experience some discomfort with this treatment. Ice can be used directly before and after to help to reduce sensitivity. The treated area can feel like sunburn for up to 48 hours afterwards. Cold packs and Laser Aid (a post laser treatment cream) should be used to reduce any inflammation.
How will the skin react?
Following the treatment, the pigmentation will appear darker and can take up to 2 weeks to flake off. Swelling and redness of the treated area is common and can take up to 48 hours to settle.
Who can benefit from Pigmentation Removal therapy?
People with the following concerns can benefit from Pigmentation Removal:
Hormonal Imbalance
Ageing spots
Hereditary Factors
Excessive exposure to the sun
Malasma, caused from a previous Pregnancy
Certain medications that cause pigmentation e.g: (contraceptive pill)
How many treatments are required?
At Specialist Laser Clinics, we recommend 4 to 6 treatments should be performed in 4 week intervals. The number of treatments required will depend on the type and size of the pigmented lesion you have. We recommend on starting with a course of 4 treatments and evaluating the effectiveness from there.
We also recommend individuals undergo medical microdermabrasions in between each treatment in order to keep the treated area in the best possible condition. This will help in achieving the most effective results.
Benefits of Pigmentation Removal
Minimise or eliminate the appearance of pigmentation
Treats the entire body quickly and easily
Minimal side effects
Little discomfort
Immediate return to routine activities
Provides a gradual, natural-looking improvement
Produces long-lasting results

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